We make great ideas work great. That’s essentialy what we’re here for. We love ideas. We love your ideas and we are committed to make sure that we don’t just produce something that works but partner with you to make sure that we push the boundaries of those ideas together. Our goal is to empower creative ideas with technology and execute them to the highest standard.

Innovative Production Studio

Innovative. We constantly challenge our way of working, our technology stack, … to make sure that we keep pushing the limits of what we can deliver.

Production. At BLISS we proud ourselves to be makers. Although we live for ideas those ideas are yours, we are there to help you think about making them come to life, prototype if needed and make sure the end product lives up to expections.

Studio. We’re business analysts & artists, coders & designers, planners & makers. The way we’re organized allows us to play just as much as make. It allows us to collaborate with a wide variety of profiles in both our offices and let’s us build end-products in a truly agile way.

What we do

BLISS was founded by partners of a creative agency and therefore understands the key agency challenges better than others. The close partnership with our agency clients also constantly drives our development in those areas that matter most: web, mobile, motion & VR/AR.

01 Web

Where it all started. Just like many digital production companies we started building out web experiences for our clients, ranging from simple HTML setups to high end interactive web platforms.

We bring projects alive from prototyping and development until deployment and maintenance.

Technology: Python, PHP, Drupal, Node, React, Angular, HTML5, WebGL

See our cases here

02 Mobile

The mobile playfield is a fast moving and dynamic place where it's easy to fall behind.

Deep knowledge of native and crossplatform iOS and Android development allows us to choose the right tool for the job to guide your projects and create cutting edge user experiences.

Technology: React Native, Swift, Java, Kotlin, Wikitude, Vuforia

See our cases here

03 Motion

Video is everywhere. And by video we not only mean filmed footage. Internet, TV, Cinema, mobile apps, games… all of them come to life through Motion Graphics.

At BLISS, we make things move and tell your brand vision through stories. Whether you need a short video loop, a 30 second ad or a tutorial: we offer a wide variety of video formats; from animated gifs and cinemagraphs to high end billboards or cinemaspots.

See our cases here

04 VR/AR

We extended our virtual cutting edge experiences and games into reality. We have a full-time development cell focussed on VR and AR development.

We can develop anything from small scale prototypes and experiments as well as expansive large-scale VR and AR applications running on a wide range of devices.

Technology: Unity, Maya, Cinema 4D

See our cases here

With offices in Europe (BRUSSELS) and Asia (HO CHI MINH CITY) we are able to connect learnings and talent from these different worlds into our production methodology and output.

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