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Homeyz is the first peer-to-peer app for every private Belgian inhabitant who needs help in and around the house from time to time (the host) en for every private Belgian inhabitant who’d like to lend a hand when they can (the homey).

In other words: It is the first peer-to-peer app with which you and I can quickly offer or find help doing household, garden and all round chores in the neighbourhood. So, dear hosts: no time or energy to clean, mow the lawn and put together the IKEA stuff? No worries, a homey is waiting for your call. And dear homeys: would you like to legally earn a little extra by doing odd jobs when and where you want? We know some hosts who could use a little help.


To have a streamlined, agile and flexible development process, we opted to go for a React Native development to build this project. This allowed us to iterate quickly with our client and build the app simultaneously for Android and iOS. Over 95% of the code was shared across both platforms.

A number of services were integrated with the app. OneSignal is used for notifications, Mailgun for transactional mail delivery, Mangopay as the payment gateway and a custom build CakePHP back-end powers the business logic for the app.

Our technical choices paid off. Giving us a reliable, performant and easy to maintain app as the end result.

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