Lay's Crispy Subtitles





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Happiness Saigon


Watching a movie and not hearing a thing because someone is nibbling crisps at the same time? Terrible! That's why Lay's, Happiness Saigon and BLISS introduce "Crispy Subtitles". The first plug-in that adds subtitles exactly at the moment you start eating crisps.


While viewing videos on YouTube, the plugin runs a lightweight machine learning model in the background that can recognize the crunchy sound of crisps through the microphone. When the model recognizes the sound of crisps, the subtitles of the video are automatically turned.

We trained a custom Tensorflow model on over 178 hours of crispy crunch sounds gathered worldwide. This trained model is embedded within the browser plugin so audio is never recorded or sent to a server. The plugin is available for free on the Google Chrome store.

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