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LDV United


Mooimakers, previously known as Indevuilbak, wants to free the Flanders Region from the unauthorized dumping of waste and litter. Advertising agency LDV United asked BLISS (formerly: Sevenedge) to develop an informative website, web shop, interactive map and different user profiles. The purpose: create user-friendly tools the client could easily configure and fill with content.


BLISS executed this complex project in several steps, to be able to functionally test the website while under construction, together with LDV United and the client. This way, test results and adjustments could easily be implemented. The result is a state of the art and contemporary website with high aesthetic and functional features.

First, LDV United supplied BLISS with a new client house style, scope of work and preliminary wireframe. On this base, we developed the first designs and website prototype, which we evaluated internally.

During phases two and three, BLISS added the web shop and action map. Together with LDV United, we worked on design and development. We also took care of functional analysis, including matching wire frames and flow charts.

The action map we came up with is an interactive chart of Flanders, on which a user can indicate his/her claim or action plan (e.g. ensuring the maintenance of a neighbourhood street or area). If a user needs advertising or working material to complete his mission, it can be obtained in the Mooimakers web shop.

BLISS designed the website and created all graphic elements. We remain responsible for the site’s further development. is powered by a personal Content Management System which we built on the Drupal 8 platform.

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