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A responsive website for no less than 17 countries!

Alpro is a European pioneer and market leader in plant-based drinks and foods, and Provamel is its bio brand. Taking on a biological lifestyle means you try to live your life being good to yourself and to your environment. The Provamel brand needed a new website reflecting this vision. The brand also wanted the website to become a meeting point for people in search of information on more conscious ways of living.


BLISS (formerly: Sevenedge) developed a complete new website from scratch, on a modular Drupal 7 platform, and made the design responsive. Provamel being a market leader, the brand is represented globally. Logically, the website needed to be translated in and optimized for a lot of languages: 18 in total! And to create a haven for bio lifestyle supporters, we added recipes, products and shop locations. This way, we were able to create a close brand and website community.

The success of our first collaboration became the starting point of a long-term digital relationship between Provamel and BLISS. We work together daily: we upload new content and optimize design, UX and CTR. We also develop Provamel’s new campaign websites.

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