Reduce The Ride





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D’Ieteren, the leading Belgian car distributor (Audi, VW, Skoda, etc), was launching a new ‘private taxi transport’ service, HUSK. A saturated market difficult to penetrate.

As a start-up challenger with start-up budgets, HUSK’s looks to build up a steady (mostly B2B) client portfolio through fixed contracts as soon as possible. Public contracts to privatize key mobility solutions are a therefore a key target for HUSK: relatively high revenues, fixed contracts over longer time periods and potential for long term relationship building and cross-selling.

Get start-up private transport company HUSK on the radar (‘a foot in the door’) of Government authorities for public mobility contracts (= recurrent revenues).



An initiative to get Flemish disabled children to school faster (on average: they commuted 4! hours a day).

Awaiting a structural solution from the government, HUSK voluntarily made its entire fleet of private minibuses and vans, and its innovative app and planning technology, available to the worst affected special needs children schools. Reducing the average time for a single ride from 2h58 to 36 minutes only!

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