Waze Invaders





Project Type

Mobile, Web, Motion


3 disturbing facts about children and road accidents during the dark winter months in Belgium.


1. Every day 12 children have an accident on their way to school.
2. When luminosity drops (during winter months), accidents increase by 89%
3. The first day after holidays, accidents increase by 62%

Shocking. But it gets worse: on November 7 (2022) and again on January 9 (2023), those 3 facts came together. (Both days were first days after holidays… ). A deadly accident waiting to happen.

Which is why Belgiums most influential Road Safety organization ‘Parents of road victims’ decided to take action. Because action speaks louder than words.

‘Parents of Road Victims’ introduces ‘Waze Invaders’.  Or, the power of hacking for good. Here’s what happened: on the user-based navigation app Waze (80% of Belgians use Waze, source ‘Belgian Traffic Institute’) drivers are allowed to warn other drivers for police sightings, by simply tapping the Police icon. Inciting all other drivers to slow down in that specific street. On November 7, and again on January 9, between 7.45 and 8.20 am (right into school rush hour), suddenly, 6411 police sightings appeared. All at once. One in every school street of Belgium. Getting everybody to slow down.

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